Solomon Islands Poverty Report Launched

poverty reportToday the Solomon Islands Poverty Profile will be launched. The report discusses key welfare and poverty indicators, including the minimum expenditure necessary to meet basic household food and non-food needs. These indicators are analysed by age, gender, geography, education, economic activity, migrant status and ethnicity.

The Minister for Finance and Treasury, the Honorable Snyder Rini MP, said that the poverty findings provide a timely set of new socio-economic measures to inform the government’s policy frameworks.

“On behalf of the Government of Solomon Islands, I take this opportunity to embrace the findings of the analysis of poverty in Solomon Islands, a significant milestone for the country, and to commend this report to the people of Solomon Islands,” said the Honorable Mr Rini.

“In particular, the poverty results will support the effective monitoring and implementation of the government’s national development strategy (NDS) which also encompasses the government’s fiscal and monetary policy goals and the medium term development plan (MTDP). The poverty benchmarks will underpin the current poverty reduction interventions within the NDS and MTDP, and allow the government to decide, among alternative investments, strategies to arrest poverty and to ensure effective service delivery, especially in the rural areas.”

The data discussed in the report was collected as part of the 2012/13 Household Income and Expenditure Survey. A nationally representative sample of 4,500 Solomon Islands households participated in this survey between October 2012 and November 2013. The final report is a collaborative effort between the National Statistics Office, Ministry of Finance and Treasury, World Bank and Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The launch today will be attended by Members of Parliament and representatives from a range of Solomon Islands Government ministries, local and international organisations and foreign governments.


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Media notes

  • Please ensure when reporting on data that you attribute the Solomon Islands Poverty Profile as the source.
  • For media requests and interviews, contact Loyce Pabulu or Emma Nugent at the National Statistics Office on +677 27835/23951 or email